Thinking about booking your next holiday? The hint of a blue sky this week has got us dreaming of jetting off into the unknown…..or if funds and time are a little limited – how about this night of innovative sensory immersive travel, with the launch of the Mile High experience March 13th 2013, West London?

Mile High promises to be an innovative and culturally rich series of ‘quick city breaks’ combining the themed food, cocktails, music and theatre; popping up four times throughout the year where guests can visit Göteborg, Beirut, Sicily and even Mozambique, without actually ever physically leaving London.

The Mile High concept is inspired by the golden age of 1950s air travel, when legroom meant doing the twist and turbulence was a by product of the steward’s cocktail shaker. We are told this will be an endeavour to remember from start to finish, with Air Hostesses in Pan-Am inspired attire welcoming guests to the departure lounge, home of Mile High’s airborne DJ division. Diners can enjoy ‘check in’ Campari cocktails and gourmet bar snacks served with pencil moustaches before embarking on Mile High’s first foodie destination: Gothenburg, Sweden. Access to the departure lounge bar will be available from 9pm for non-diners to enjoy cocktails and tunes spun by one of Mile High’s talented guest Djs.

With the foodie offerings from ex-Moro chef Oliver Templeton, we have sky high hopes that the edible angle will live up to the creative concept. The first dinner will see a Scandinavian four-course feast fit for a Norse king served and Departure lounge Smorgasbord snacks will include: Fresh Roe, Dark Rye Sourdough served with Smoked Reindeer and Pickles. Guests will then enter an intimate space taking inspiration from the best of Swedish design for dinner and enjoy the performance of Mile High’s unique cabin crew, ensuring a true evening of escapism and style.

The adventure continues with the chance to win a tailor made, three day, foodie trip for two to Gothenburg- so one lucky table really will be needing their passports (Mile High partnered with West Sweden Tourist Board and Sunvil Discovery to offer guests to their first event).
Mile High will host four destinations throughout the year, which so far include: Beirut in May, Sicily in June and Mozambique in September, see below for full dates and more details.

This creative entertaining experience is brought to London by four cousins from the creative Templeton family: Anna, Ollie, Will and Ed who share a wealth of experience from the event, theatre, culinary, cocktail, music and advertising worlds.

Book your tickets and enjoy the ride with Mile High via the Delicious London POP OUT page, for large group bookings or to book this concept for an exclusive private event please contact us for more information:

Destination Göteborg
13th-16th March and 20th-23rd March
Return Ticket £65
Departure Lounge ticket £15
Secret West London Location

Destination Beirut
1st-4th May and 8th-11th May

Destination Sicily
12th-15th June and 19th-22nd June

Destination Mozambique
18th-21st September and 25th-28th September

Ticket Prices
£65 – for a Mile High return ticket. Ticket price includes 2 cocktails, a four-course meal prepared by ex- Moro chef Oliver Templeton and his team, access to the elegant departure lounge and in flight entertainment from the Mile High crew

£15 – for a departure lounge ticket. Ticket includes a unique Mile High cocktail and entry to the exclusive Mile High departure lounge

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