We have our noses up against the window and the review is imminent. We haven’t been yet, it opens tonight!  In the mean time if you so choose – the details are below to make your own booking and mind up about one of this year’s most highly anticipated openings in Covent Garden.


The original Balthazar opened in downtown New York’s Spring Street in 1997. The Balthazar London version is situated on the corner of Russell and Wellington Streets in the heart of Covent Garden, just across from The Royal Opera House.  Housed in the old Theatre Museum, Balthazar shares “The Flower Cellars” building with The London Film Museum. Founder, Keith McNally has endeavoured to remain as true to the New York original as possible, where bistro food, good wine and friendly service are the order of the day. Balthazar London will have the egalitarian appeal of the brasserie – something for everyone all day long: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, as well as weekend brunch. We hope!


It is told, in the fable of this London Balthazar opening that; McNally has travelled far and wide to source all the interior features and fittings, not only to resemble the NYC version, but also to ensure that the style is reminiscent of a time-honoured French brasserie. The menu will include an abundance of fruits de mer as well as a wide selection of classical French brasserie and bistro dishes. As in New York, there will be a Balthazar boulangerie housed next door. The boulangerie will offer an interesting selection of artisan breads, as well as a wide selection of homemade pastries, salads and sandwiches to take away throughout the day. As is the case in New York, every loaf of bread, croissant, pain au chocolate and more will be made in-house.

The restaurant and boulangerie’s philosophy is simple: combine the best ingredients with the most traditional methods to produce food of exceptional quality….. we wait with bated breath! The PR had worked a treat on us, can you tell? 020 3301 1155 / Restaurant address : 4-6 Russell Street, London WC2B 5HZ [opening 18 February 2013]/ Boulangerie address : 8 Russell Street, London WC2B 5HZ [opened 11 February 2013]

Monday to Friday: all day from 7am / Saturday & Sunday: all day from 8am

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