Is this the best street style burger of the West (London)? These young entrepreneurs are killing it in the burger wars with their super tasty, messy meaty feasts. Don’t miss your chance to sample a BOOM burger, join us on Thursday evening for the last of the BOOM instalments at The Ping Tron Pop Up this year in Notting Hill.

The BOOM burger concept started as a home start-up – well actually we hear it was first executed from an army tent out the back of Joshua’s (Mr BOOM – himself) parents house in the area of Goldbourne Road in January. It all launcehd with a bang, instant popularity from the cool kids and Notting Hill trendies. The Birth of BOOM! They had a good run but eventually got closed down by the council for noise complaints. This was probably a good thing as it meant growth for the brand and the use of new more professional digs, recently holding court at The Earl of Portobello and the old Notting Hill Brasserie. BOOM have loyal and local following, we see why – the burgers speak for themselves.


About the Burgers: The classic BOOM offers a juicy, tasty meaty burger of joy with a welcome additional to mix in the form of Bacon Jam – sounds interesting non? I would say it is their ‘pièce de résistance’ and Josh guards this recipe with his life! It’s easy to imagine seeing this jam on shelves is delis and food stores sometime soon….. I’d buy it and eat it out the jar with a spoon! On Saturday I tried their brunch burger, it was out of this world: egg, bacon, avocado and rocket. I actually had to hide myself away to eat this in private so I could enjoy it in peace – and make a big mess of myself! Literally, egg on my face. The Veggie option also looks pretty appetising even to a carnivore with Portobello mushroom.


Well if the Mayan’s are right and this is our last week on planet earth – then let’s have fun, enjoy life and eat BOOM burgers laden with Bacon Jam! Come down to the Pop up at The Notting Hill Brasserie tomorrow and enjoy and slice of heaven on Earth….

info: / 07432 668 555

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