Boxing Day…full of possibilities. Another precious day for relaxing and eating to thoroughly enjoy, cheers to that! Will you stay in and eat interesting and unusual combinations of left overs, or maybe make plans to see friends and family that one hasn’t managed to fit into the pre Christmas festivities?

If you go for the latter option and meet some peeps out and about, then you’re left with the decision of where to go…. firstly it must be open! I also should be warm, comfy and homely, if you are going to venture out in a damp and dark winter month, get out of your Christmas PJ’s and wipe of the chocolate from around your face, it better be worth it.

So the challenge was on to find a suitable spot for continued merriments and indulgent over eating. The geography seemed to limit options somewhat (south of the river but not so far south that you can’t remember what the Thames looks like). Had a little think and came up with The Ship in Wandsworth. I had heard great things of The Ship, mainly I think now due to its river side location and large outside area. I had this vision on my head of a moody winter’s day by the blustery grey Thames as a vaguely dramatic setting for a post Crimbo feeding….. Honesty I was a not overwhelmed with any such feeling on arrival. To start with it was not very busy, therefore lacking a little ambiance (not criminal considering the date), but then no welcome or hello as we floundered about wondering where we should be sitting. Once we had made ourselves known we were then seated the furthest point from the central focal point heater and in fact from any other patrons in a rather empty sparsely decorated dining room.




Our food – Cod and chips and a chicken Pie were….nice. My veggies were over cooked and my guests’ fries – bordering on cardboard. The menu seemed quite uninspired and standard, the service was friendly but lacking attention and the overall experience ….dull.  Nothing to write home about.

To be fair, I think the Ship deserves another chance, when the sun is out (and maybe not during that hospitality no man’s land of between Christmas and New Years). It seems a shame that it may rely on the success of the summers to see it through the rest of the year. I could image this pub with its ample space, could have a lot more going on in the winter month if it so chose.


None the less, thank you to The Ship for offering an open pub south of the river open on Boxing Day, for having wine and hot food. But the search continues to find my favourite all rounder pub that you just want to keep going back to for its drinks, dishes, service, style and comfort in South London.  It’s possible that I have truly spoilt by many a lazy day spent at Paradise in Kensal Green with its multiple spaces, well thought out menu and super comfy yet stylish interior.

All suggestions welcome for other South London pubs to investigate (and sorry for the poor quality images….Need a better camera, sale shopping here I come).

The Ship
41 Jews Row, Wandsworth
London. SW18 1TB

T:   020 8870 9667      / E:

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