HAPPY NEW YEAR….. Seems like an age ago already right? Well with new years, come new trends to love/ hate/ follow.

We have researched, read, licked and sipped our way to bring you the latest foodie, events and entertaining trends for 2016 – so that you can impress with fantastic, unique dishes and entertain in style!

Trend 1 & 2: Acia Bowls & Nut Milks

Brunches is the new lunch, but we all knew that already, right? if you’re hosting at home, excite them with the new healthy breakfast craze ‘Acai Bowls’ which are basically really thick smoothies topped with oatmeal and fruit (or any topping of your choice) that you eat  with a spoon, it’s basically porridge’s new prettier, tones sister!  Or if you really want to, try making your own nut milks; almond, hazelnut, coconut! Whether its on your cereal or in your tea, you’ll be on to a winner! Here is a little ‘how-to’ from the beloved Kitchn:

Acai Bowl

Image from @

almons milk

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Trend 3: Slow Cooking and Authentic Kitchen Skills

Traditional cooking methods are back! You don’t need to worry about wowing your guests with vacuum packed chicken fillets, blow torching scallops or making liquid nitrogen ice cream, slow cooking with an authenticity is sure to see you right in 2016.

Trend 4: The Roots

This year should also see our friends “the vegetarians” having a hearty and fulfilling year with “root to stem dining”. Here we are noticing that vegetables are becoming the main component of dishes, incorporated them more, make it an entirely vegetable dish packed with flavour and goodness! Native a new restaurant opening in February in Covent Garden is set to bring you root to stem dining.

Root to Stem Dining 2016 Trends

Image from @

Trend 5: Bowls Bowls Bowls!

We secretly all love eating our dinner out of them so embrace it, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. More and more restaurants are serving powerbowls and globowls so why not recreate your own. Your guests will love it and it also keeps your portion sizes under control. We noticed much bowl-age happening at a recent brunch at Village East last weekend.


Image from @

Trend 6: Home-brew?

Spice up your party with your own booze! Yes that’s right your own booze, get a home distillery kit to create your own beer or cider, or create your own spirits by infusing fruit in them, our favourite is strawberry and basil infused vodka!

Fruit Vodka

Image from @

Trend 7: Childhood Comforts

Delight one’s guests by taking them back to their childhood with dessert, theirs eyes will light up as they cut through the short crust pastry, their mouths with salivate at the almond flaked frangipane and their tastebuds will tingle from the sweet sweet jam, yes you guessed it its the BAKEWELL TART, 2016’s more popular tart! Try Jason Athertons recipe!

Bakewell Tart

Image from @

Trend 8: The Green Goodies 

The essential ingredients that every home should have in 2016 is Matcha Powder and Seaweed. Both very unusual and very green! Matcha Powder is basically powdered green tea with extreme health benefits; very high in antioxidants, rich in fibre, boosts metabolism, prevents disease and enhances your mood what more could you want from 1 drink once a day! You might want to keep a little Agave syrup on hand too, as it can be rather bitter.

Matcha Latte

Image from @

As for Seaweed it has taken over from Kale as the ‘de jour’ new dinner party ingredient and for a good reason too! Vitamin-packed seaweed, not only tastes amazing (?) but is a concentrated source of calcium and iodine, that has also been found to have natural antioxidant properties, so pass the KELP! Try some delicious kelp and sushi at Uni in Belgravia.


Image from @

Trend 9: Green Weddings

When it comes to planning your 2016 wedding, there are some trends that really are a must. Think GREEN! No matter what your theme, try to work in eco invites, trees and flowering potted plants over cut flowers. Embrace mother nature and have your ceremony outside, in the garden or in a magical forrest at twilight.

Image from @

Image from @

Trend 10: Interactive Wedding Breakfasts

This year we see the wedding breakfast become even more of an experience, with delicious street food vans, live cooking stations, guest involvement and interactive edible installations – keep the surprise and delight going!

DIY food station 2016 trends

Image from @

Trend 11: Event Styling

Hang those lights, props and florals. 2016 has us looking to the sky for detail. As we move on from a festoon filled 2015, we see these lights being joined by floral and styling details. have a look at our Pinterest board for inspiration:

Hanging flowers 2016 trends

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