Revel in the idea of cooking up a storm and impressing guests with an overwhelmingly opulent table, dripping with culinary pleasures? But the fear of a monstrous mess and the potentially large amount of precious time it takes to plan, prepare and cook puts you off…? Then do read on to discover some excellent features on the Surface 2 tablet using the Bing Food & Drink App. It might just be what your inner host/ess is looking for…


Often, when entertaining at home, I tend to go for simple, put-together sharing style dishes rather than actually baking or attempting skilful cooking (which I am lucky enough to see chefs and caterers expertly deliver at events) but I have been inspired to up my own game, commit to improving my skills and reportage of dishes by playing with our new fave kitchen and office toy; the Surface 2 tablet from Microsoft with the Bing Food & Drink App.

The Surface 2, together with the Bing Food & Drink App have some excellent features to help us all in our entertaining endeavours:

  1. There are numerous recipes at your fingertips. Meaning less cookbooks cluttering up the kitchen (although I do like a beautifully put together cookbook). Choose recipes from Joe Bloggs, to Joe’s Blog and there are an exciting selection from collectives like the Great British Chefs and even signature serves from top dogs such as Marcus Wareing.
  2. Conveniently if you are going to attempt a Marcus Wareing style recipe, take advantage of the tips and techniques section. At the very least get your basics down and learn how de-bone a chicken and make stock, perhaps..
  3. Entertaining in style? Hosting with the plan of impressing? How about wine pairing? There is a veritable wine encyclopedia, with information on over 1.5 million bottles of wine, 3.3 million tasting notes and hundreds of the most popular cocktail recipes!
  4. For all the uber foodsters out there too, there is an interesting section named Food Culture that collates relevant food articles from the papers, such as  ‘how do I become a food stylist’ pulled from The Guardian.
  5. Then there are also super functional features like the button ‘Add to Shopping List’ which will pick out all the ingredients from each recipe you choose and add it all to a shopping list for you, you can also save recipes to collections/ categories and meal planners. Genius!
  6. So by now, you have picked your recipe, welcome drink, accompanying wines, used the Surface for your shopping list, been to the shops, set up you mis en place and now it’s time to switch on the hands free mode, enabling you to turn the pages of the recipe  – with a simple Star Wars style wave of the hand. Fun and functional.DELICIOUS LONDON EATEASY BLOG SURFACE 2

Fuss free and sticky cookbook free, with the option to save all the data for next time.  Apart from the Food & Drink app the actual Surface 2 itself has some well thought out details too, such as the kickstand, the ability to manoeuvre and customise the home screen, which makes from speedier navigation; anything to make our lives easier can only be a good thing!

Here’s something we made earlier!  After finding a recipe for breakfast muffins on the App and using the hands-free mode.



Can’t say I am the most tech savvy but so far loving the versatility of the Surface 2 and clip on key board for blogging on the go too. Find out more about the Surface for yourself: http://www.surface.com.

Downside: the app did crash 2 times on Xmas day but was easily reboot-able and also the camera quality and positioning wasn’t as good as we’d have liked…in an ideal world.

We are launching an upgraded Delicious London website soon with lots more handy tips, products and services to help you in your entertaining endeavours. Watch this space!


Lauren Wyllie/ Founder/ Delicious London x

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