In Honour of Her Majesty, The Queen

We watched as many came together on the 19th September to pay respects to Her Majesty, with the funeral flowing through the streets.

Take a look at a few beautiful images from the state funeral…

The procession took a parade through London to Westminster Abbey, where Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest.

Delicious London Queen Elizabeth II State Funeral 2022 1
Jeff J Mitchell/Pool via REUTERS

It was heart warming to see the streets of London filled with so many people to support the Royal Family in their remembrance of the late Queen.

Picture: Stefan Rousseau

Inside the beautiful interiors of Westminster Abbey, filled with the friends and family of Her Majesty.

Delicious London Queen Elizabeth II State Funeral 2022 3
Picture: Ben Stansall via Denison Forum

Flowers were laid outside Buckingham Palace to pay respects, bringing beautiful colour into the day.

May she now rest in peace. The team at Delicious think it’s lovely to look over these photos and be reminded of her great spirit and how the UK came together to show their respects to her life of service.

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