Top Barcelona Chefs This Summer!

A little peek at our current favourite Barcelona-based chefs to book this summer. Perhaps you have a birthday in the city AirBnB or a soiree in a costal villa… we have just the right chef for the occasion.

The Tailored Cuisinier

Big on the small details, this chef loves to focus on the uniqueness of each of his projects, ensuring your menu is as bespoke as possible while remaining incredibly high end. He defines his offering as comprising of 3 main ingredients: quality, originality, and impeccable service.

The Seasonal Pioneer

Using locally sourced ingredients with both classical and modern cooking methods, this Chef loves to create seasonal dishes for any occasion. If you want your food to feel like an occasion in itself – this chef is the one for you!

East Asian Inspiration

This chef specialises in Japanese cooking philosophy and cuisine. A taste of Japan in the midst of beautiful Barcelona is a fresh taste for those looking to try something new!

The Thai Garden Chef

This chef shares the love for Thai cuisine through creating beautiful homemade dishes sourced from local Thai farmers markets and his very own garden. Chef No.5 provides comfort, sustainability, and full flavours.

The Yacht Chefs

An experienced service that caters for all types of events. They love to work with international cuisines, with a focus on Mediterranean and Asian food to entice your tastebuds!

The Traditionalist

This chef creates a totally personalised menu for your tastes and requests, with a passion for showing guests the world of International Cuisine and Thematic Gastronomy. He values authenticity and tradition when it comes to cooking.

Whether it be a wedding, birthday, corporate party, Bar Mitzvah, or just a get together with friends, Delicious Barcelona can provide you with any one of these brilliant chefs. Just pop over an email with what you have in mind, and we will magic up on a wonderfully bespoke menu for you!

And don’t forget to have a look at our socials to stay up to date our with Delicious adventures!

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