Past Event: Gothenburg Theme Park

Back in 2019 we organised a very colourful, high impact, interactive Tech Networking Event at Liseberg theme park in Gothenburg.

With a turn out of over 1400 guests, fresh from their final conference day at Gothia Towers, hungry for local delights and… roller coaster rides! Delegates enjoyed a Gothenburg marching band, curated ride selection, feasting-grazing tables, games, stalls, a Vueve Cliquot stand and a live band.

We were also very conscious to create an event that was as sustainable and eco-aware as possible, from start to finish, and this was made easier with Lisebergs already existing well considered sustainable practices.

Check out this:

We can’t wait to be back to organising LIVE events in the real world! In the meantime, while we reminisce about the good old days on our Vimeo , check out our digital division Ziggy & Violet for all the latest virtual events and ideas that we’d love to help you plan!

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