Event: Piano Battle

Ziggy and Violet the new digital arm of Delicious Events Agency created the ultimate live streamed event.

To celebrate a client’s 10 year anniversary, we organised a week long events programme culminating in one celebration online, to help employees stay connected.

In Protein Studios in East London we brought together three sharp-witted musicians, a couple of grand pianos, a drum kit and a fabulous host for a night of high energy, fast, funny and unforgettable entertainment. 

We offered a totally interactive virtual experience, where by audience members were encouraged to make requests via a live slack channel for the host and musicians to see. 

Crowd participation was amazing with favourite songs, shout outs and banter all glued together by our professional and fun host who ensured the show ran smoothly. 

The best virtual thing we’ve ever done.”  Private Client

Sadly due to GDPR and NDA’s we are enable to share more photos and videos, but we would love to tell you all about what happened and how we managed to create such a special event, so please do contact us should you wish to know more.

Plus, for our full services deck and more information on other Christmas Events, including online Christmas Parties, Conferences, Shows, Hybrid Events and Christmas gifting please email: lauren@ziggyandviolet.com.

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