Zero Waste Bars in London

As a certified Green Mark company, collaborating with venues, suppliers and restaurants that are eco-friendly is of upmost importance to Delicious – so we’ve put together a list of our favourite zero waste bars for you to go visit when we can celebrate being together IRL again, one day soon.

Nine Lives

Zero-waste neighbourhood cocktail bar Nine Lives on Bermondsey Street comes up with innovative ways to give ingredients a new lease of life. They find a use for every single part of a lemon – after putting the juice, skin and oils into cocktails, the pith is distilled to release essential oils which are then used for liqueurs and hand soap. Leftovers are composted to help grow herbs in the kitchen garden. Then the cycle starts again – and it’s not just lemons – the bar’s zero-waste ethos is reflected in their menu too, where you can find a section called ‘Loops’ for cocktails containing ingredients previously used to create other drinks.

Tap 13

Zero waste is the order of the day here (you won’t get any frilly garnishes on your cocktail) and drinks are all sourced from ethically minded local businesses. Plus did we mention there are Espresso Martinis on tap?


The pretty rooftop garden at this Whitechapel gastropub isn’t just for show. In fact in 2019 it produced 150 kilos of fruit and vegetables. The produce is used throughout the menu and there’s always one dish made entirely from rooftop ingredients. We’ll drink to that!

Long Arm Brewing Company Shoreditch

A pub powered by fish? You’d better believe it! London’s first fully sustainable pub which is also a microbrewery has a one-of-a-kind cycle of consumption – leftover grain from beer-brewing is used to feed the fish, whose waste fertilises the pub garden, which produces fresh fruit and veggies. Plus once fish have done their duty, they’re used to make delicious dishes.

The Conduit

You might think a Mayfair members’ club is an unlikely place for the start of an eco revolution, but you’d be wrong. Not only has The Conduit banned single-use plastic, but it’s also tackling food waste with some innovative cooking – starting with turning sourdough loaf ends into crackers. Oh and the cocktails are great too!

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