Good & Delicious Deeds During The Coronavirus

During these weird and uncertain times we can’t help but notice all the wonderful gestures that some of incredible services have implemented to help others. 

Here’s a few initiatives to remind us of the kindness of humans and how we can all help during this time. 

The Crosstown Collective

In case you needed another reason to be a fan of Crosstown donuts, they have now collaborated with London suppliers The Estate Dairy, Millers Bakery and their local fruit & veg suppliers to create The Crosstown Collective. They will be distributing high quality fruit and veg and other urgent supplies in boxes across London to help people get through. 

Help a local business and order yours here

Beyond Brigade

Beyond Brigade restaurant is a unique social enterprise who train hundreds of enterprises and have provided homeless people with new skills and careers. Over the last two days they have been preparing thousands of meals and working with volunteers to distribute meals across London to those in need – working with the NHS, St Mungos Homeless Charity and other community hubs across the city. 

You can get involved and help out by visiting for more info. 



It is not unlike Pret to jump at the chance to help others – they already donate any leftover stock at the end of each day to the branch’s local homeless shelter – which is why it’s no surprise to see they’re offering 50% off all items and free hot drinks to all NHS workers. 


One of our favourite florists Pollenet took to Instagram and picked at random one nominated NHS worker to receive a free hand-delivered bouquet of flowers to say thank you for all their hard work. 

Click here for Pollenets Insta Page:


We #heart Tredwells helping kids and parents to stay sane by offering meal kits of some of their most popular dishes for you and your family to cook at home. Their Kids Kits recipes include homemade pizzas and beetroot and chocolate cakes. 

Get your kit online at

This is just a small selection of things out there to help each other, we must continue to support our local services where safely possible during these strange times.

Love & solidarity to all our industry folk and to those still working tirelessly to keep the rest of us safe. 

We are continuing to work from home, so if you are planning an event for when this is all over and need a full service creative event production or help in any aspects of the planning and production, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Delicious London!

In the meantime – Follow our story on Insta here!

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