Barcelona: The ultimate wedding destination for those that like to bask in the joys of the sun, sea and local gastronomy!

The vibrant state in Spain offers some truly dreamy wedding venues, with swoon-inducing views.

Barcelona Wedding Venue 1: Dramatic Cliff Edge

A jaw dropping location that has endless ‘wow’ factor. This venue is ideal for couples looking for a sea-view location with stunning spaces for a truly magical day.

Barcelona Wedding Venues 1

ref: BCN175

Barcelona Wedding Venue 2: Paradise From A 14th Century

Built originally in the 14th century as a rural farmhouse on the sea, this venue is a perfect location for weddings with a Mediterranean vibe. A pool party  is also a bonus….

Barcelona Wedding Venues 2

ref: BCN226

Barcelona Wedding Venue 3: City Weddings With A Mediterranean Backdrop

For those who want to celebrate their big day in Barcelona, this venue is the ideal location. Filled with the kind of magic such a day needs, this venue offers stunning views of a modern swimming pool and the Mediterranean, as well as a 5-star luxury service.

Barcelona Wedding Venues 3

ref: BCN12

Barcelona Wedding Venue 4: Country House In The Heart Of Nature

Beautiful country house-hotel set in the very heart of nature – a breathtaking backdrop to celebrate one of the most special days of your lives. The house boasts viticultural history, a secret forest and stunning views of Montserrat mountain.

Barcelona Wedding Venues 4

ref: BCN137

Barcelona Wedding Venue 5: Fairytale Castle

This spectacular castle from 12th century, with magnificent views of beautiful gardens offers a dream setting for elegant and luxury weddings.

Barcelona Wedding Venues 5

ref: BCN134

Barcelona Wedding Venue 6: Catalan Manor House

This Catalan Manor House is one of the best examples of the “basilica” style of building in Catalonia. This is an ideal venue for rustic weddings with it’s creative interiors and a pool that your guests will want to jump in! Look at those amazing sea views….

ref: BCN61

ref: BCN61

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