Secret Gardens in London

The sun is shining (if you’re lucky)….

….and when it is, we know that means the only place Londoners want to be is outside! That’s why we have been scouting out some lesser known gardens available for hire in London.

This uber-cool hidden green space surrounded by the beautifully contrasting concrete and glass, so nicely weather proof! It is a piece of the Amazon rainforest amidst the tall buildings. This venue really is a showstopper, spread across 2 levels with koi ponds, cacti, palm trees and various other plants which dangle in mid-air. You and your guests are sure to be wowed! Ref001

Secret Garden to hire in London

This botanical garden has remained one of London’s best-kept secrets, with a walled garden filled with seasonal blooms and tropical conservatories it’s always a good time of year to rent this beautiful garden out! Ref002

Don’t be fooled by this pocket-sized garden, it has so much potential to make your event unique. Shrouded in history, this walled garden with its moss covered walls is a very dreamy place!  Ref003

This is the cutest little community run garden and really has the feel of being someone’s beloved garden, with plenty of log stacks for insects and countless bee-friendly flowers it’s a lovely place which feels much more secluded and secret!   Ref004

On the contrast, these tranquil oak-tree-lined gardens are perfect for the more formal occasion, while still giving off a relaxed vibe with plenty of potential for your gathering!. Ref005

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