Choose Love

Choose Love. It’s a simple, but powerful message…

As you may have noticed we have recently been collaborating with the charity Help Refugees and their campaign ‘Choose Love’.

‘Choose Love’ is the world’s first store that sells real products for refugees, with every single purchase you make going towards a similar item for a refugee, delivered via one of the 80+ projects Help Refugees support across the world. Plus, the best part being that 100% of donations from the store go straight to supporting front line services and you can see exactly the difference you are making in these people’s lives. For example, last year, the sale of life jackets from the Choose Love store raised £38,594, which enabled Refugee Rescue to assist 1,399 people braving the treacherous sea crossing from Turkey.


Starting out in 2017 as a pop-up store off Carnaby Street,  Help Refugees invited visitors to “shop your heart out, leave with nothing, and feel the love”. Shoppers could then buy a range of items for refugees, including sleeping bags, emergency blankets and solar lamps.


In their first year, this new model of charitable giving raised nearly £1 million.

Now, an online shop, you can buy supplies for refugees for different aspects of their transition and struggles – buying the necessities for their arrival, their shelter and their future. There’s even the option to buy the entire ‘Choose Love’ store which includes:  a month’s rent and food for a family, a donation to women’s safe spaces, tents, books, children’s jackets and everything else you see.

Captura de pantalla 2019-07-17 a las 13.14.30.png

As well as this Help Refugees and Choose Love have taken their simple yet powerful message of choosing love over anything else and promoted it during this difficult time where the world faces many challenges; when rhetoric of hate and division has found itself centre stage. Creating and selling these iconic t-shirts designed by Katharine Hammett in a famous play on her famous ‘Choose Life’ slogan.

Saying that choosing love seems like a pretty good place to start and we couldn’t agree more…


The sale of these t-shirts (which are available on ASOS) supports the Choose Love campaign and Help Refugees charity as well as broadcasting the message of hope and unity for all to see.

We love what Help Refugees and Choose Love are doing and have collaborated with them at recent events, having a stand selling these awesome t-shirts!

Captura de pantalla 2019-07-15 a las 13.44.12Captura de pantalla 2019-07-15 a las 13.41.41

Not to mention, we like to wear them ourselves!

Captura de pantalla 2019-07-17 a las 13.39.05Captura de pantalla 2019-07-23 a las 13.34.52

If you’re looking for an ethical events partner – Choose Love and Choose Delicious!

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