Top Wedding Trends of 2019

Another year is here and with it comes the next array of inspirational wedding trends. This season, breaking tradition seems to be a hot hit.

Below is a list of our favourite predictions of 2019:

Circular ceremonies

Wedding seating tends to be unwavering when it comes to getting hitched, but all that is changing with the current trend of celebrating ceremonies in the round. Couples are defying tradition to create a more intimidate and closed circle amongst their nearest and dearest!

Delicious weddings

M&S Wedding organised by Delicious London in Summer 2018.Image by Seb Hinds

Balloon walls

Move over flower walls, it’s time to make way for this years decorative craze: balloon Walls! Inspired by Charles Pétillon’s installation in London Covent Garden of 100,000 white balloons, the trend has made its way into to the events party scene. Long gone are the days of kids parties, here is a beautiful and decadent design to celebrate the biggest party of your life.

Wedding trends

Image by Dennis Kwan

Grazing/Sharing Tables

Buffet lovers, this one is for you. A more luxurious approach comes in the form of the grazing table. With rich and colourful foods leaping out at guests, it also creates a more relaxed and sociable vibe for the your wedding reception.

Wedding trends

Grazing table by The Poor Girls Pantry

Darker and moodier colour schemes

Another 2019 trend defying tradition is the rebel against bright and romantic colours typically associated with weddings. This year will see the rise of dark and edgier palettes creating a cool and relaxing hue across the big day.

Wedding trends

Photo by BrittRene Photo
Planning and Styling by Buzzworthy Events
Flowers by Wish Social Events

Dried Flowers

Whether for your bouquet, tables flowers or hanging installations, dried floral arrangements are a new way to add a classical yet avant-garde approach to your decorative day.

Wedding trends

Image by Claire Fleck
Flowers by Feather Grass Florals

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