Top 10 Wedding Cakes Right Now!

The wedding cake has taken all kinds of shapes and sizes throughout the last few years, these days anything goes. In 2018, artistic cakes and hand-painted details are having a moment!

Here’s our selection of the current coolest wedding cakes around… You’ll want to try them all!

1. Watercolour cake

A watercolour buttercream effect is a great way to incorporate texture and colour to your wedding cake. Pretty and romantic.

Delicious London

Image and cake from Alice & Rosa Cake Studio

2. Geode cake

Featuring plenty of ‘crystal’ detail is perfect for those who like minimalistic dècor. You’ll definitely wow your guests with these edible masterpieces!

Delicious London

Image and cake from Leonor Sweet Creations

3. Brushstroke cake 

These art-inspired creations by the russian bakery Kalasaba are created melting chocolate on wax paper and using a paintbrush to do the feathers which are placed on a cake once they harden. A quirky cake for the non-traditional types!

Delicious London

Image and cake from Kalabasa

4. Flowery cake

Using edible colourful flowers will give tons of personality to your wedding cake ! The floral additions suit both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Delicious London

Image and cake from Lily Vanilli

5. Meringue Cake

A bespoke cake made of the most popular kisses from the bakery artists Meringue Girls. Crispy on the outside and mallowy on the outside, these delicious sweets are perfect for creating an array of colours that will draw all attention to the central piece.

Delicious London

Image and cake from Meringue Girls

6. Hand-painted cake

Hand-made patterns require so much attention to detail giving cakes a romantic and special feel. Pick your favourite colours and motives and get them in your cake!

Delicious London

Image by Rachael Koscica Photography, cake from The Perfect Palette

7. Doughnut cake

If you want to have a cake for your wedding moving away from the traditional… Why not choose doughnuts instead? The flavours options are endless, as well as ways of presenting it: play with the tray and the multiple layers to make yours truly unique!

Delicious London

Image from Studio 29, cake from Holey Moley Doughnuts

8. Geometric cake

Geometry is huge trend in wedding design. Make it also a part of the dessert! We love the way clean lines contrast with round tiers of a wedding cake.

Delicious London

Image by Emily Delimiter Photography, Cake from Autumn Nomad

9. Cheese cake

Cheese lover? Mix savoury and sweet adding fruits such as figs to your cake and opt for artisan cheeses!

Delicious London

Image and cake from West Country Cheese

10. Translucent cake (or Semi-Naked!)

Decorated with a thing layer of icing and similar to naked cakes, this is a great option for those you don’t want an overload of sugar!

Image by Pixie Bella Photography

In Delicious London & Barcelona we love working with couples to select and design the cake that best suit their personalities… As you see, there are endless options to make yours special!

Delicious Weddings offers a range of services from full wedding planning, venue finding, and creative catering consultancy.

If you need help with your wedding day, from finding the best catering, the perfect venue or full planning, please contact Delicious London or email

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