Delicious Food Trends of 2018

As much as we love Avocado on toast, 2018 has arrived and with it brought new trends which we are liking… a lot! It will be definitely be the year of plant-based and healthy foods, with vegan and vegetarian options on the top of the list.

What else? Have a look at some Delicious Food trends that will be popping up all over your Instagram feed…

More farm to table

Along with meat-free meals, there will be a trend in the use of seasonal ingredients, all fresh, straight from a farm-to-table, with chefs even getting their own produce for their restaurants.

Delicious London

Purple food

Pantone has announced its colour of the year and it is… Ultra Violet! A dramatic shade of purple that you can find in many fruits and veggie such as blackberries, beetroot, aubergines… Or even a little treat with purple ice cream!

Delicious London

Delicious London


You are going to find mushrooms everywhere. But don’t think they only go as a topping on your burger, they will be popping up in the likes of coffee and cocktails for a super healthy boost!

Delicious London

Edible flowers

Decorate everything from cakes to salads and add a touch of colour to your dishes with edible flowers. Some of our top picks: elderflower, rose, and lavender. They bring a subtly sweet taste and fresh aromatics!

Delicious London


Introduce tacos to your meals and surprise your guests with this Mexican food! But go different: shell-less tacos and alternative sorts such as dessert and sushi tacos will be BIG!

Delicious London

Delicious London

Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Original from Thailand, where it is considered a popular street food, this Rolled Ice Cream was a boom in NYC’s Chinatown which saw three-hour queues piling out of a shopfront premiering this treat. You’re sure to start spotting is about very soon!

Delicious London

Puffed and Poffed snacks

In search for a lighter alternative to crisps? With new methods of drying and crisping, we will be able to enjoy snacking with a little less guilt… Vegetable crisps, seaweed fava chips and flavoured puffed rice will be on trend.

Delicious London


Who doesn’t love pasta? With more and more restaurants popping up, you won’t need to forget about this Italian delicacy!

Delicious London

Rum and Mezcal

When it comes to drinks, Rum is going to become the new Gin, and Gins are going to become pink! While Mezcal already made it in 2017, this type of Tequila will trend even higher this year…

Delicious London

Pea Milk

Forget soy, hazelnut, oat, cashew and all the milks you’ve tried before… This liquid derived from yellow split peas is better for the environment than almond milk and it has more protein and calcium than other alternative milks! And don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like peas…

Delicious London

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