The Shuffle Club

We spent a school-night playing the new ‘IT’ game, necking cocktails and pizza in a warehouse, just off Brick Lane.

Entering The Truman Brewery we were met with a luminous green sign welcoming us to the London Shuffle Club. After their success last year, they are back for their second pop up event this festive season to show Londoners the charms of this classic American game.

 delicious london shuffle club

Before making our way onto the lanes, we soaked up the evening atmosphere listening to some oh-so-cool electro, while having a few (!) drinks in the Front Room. Along with beer, cider and wine, the menu offers a wide range of original cocktails which steered away from the classics! After trying a few of them we recommend the Pale Rider (Patron Silver, Reposado Tequila, Lime, Chilli Reduction and Red IPA). Super refreshing with a tequila kick!

 delicious london shuffle club

 delicious london shuffle club

In contrast with the stone walls, the Main Room displayed retro posters, palm trees, colourful lights and games giving the venue a quirky Miami look.

 delicious london shuffle club

 delicious london shuffle club

Although first timers Shuffleboarding, after a bit of practice we got the hang of it and managed to score a few points in the bowling alley-style lanes. The aim of the game is to slide your ‘biscuits’ onto the top sections of the scoring triangle at the opposite end of your lane. If you push too hard… You’ll get a minus! Boo.

After all of that calorie burning action, some carbs were on the cards – The London Pizza Club are in charge of the kitchen, offering an array of tasty selections that definitely satisfied our post-cocktail needs.

 delicious london shuffle club

Whether you are looking for spending some time with your best mates, your office colleages or surprising someone with a different kind of date night, we certainly recommend visiting the Shuffle Club. A super fun activity in a very cool location that will bring some colour to your winter months!

The London Shuffle Club at the Truman Brewery will be open until the 22nd of December (Ely’s Yard, Off Hanbury’s Street, London, E1).

See you there Shuffle buddies x

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