Saturday’s brunch came in the finger licking good form of crispy-crunchy fried chicken, fluffy waffles and something insane called a crack & cheese, at Ma’ Plucker.

delicious london ma plucker

Mid thirty-something me is a little different from my bionic twenty year old party-starter version.  Nights out are fewer but more precious (hangovers last for days) and brunch has for some time now been the social occasion of the weekend… This weekend’s brunch exploration was a heavy hitting, calorie laden, American inspired plate of nirvana at Ma’Plucker.


Head into the cutsie, quaint diner style pit-stop on Beak Street with an empty tummy and a strong desire to fill it. On the weekend you can choose a bunch set menu with bottomless prosecco (for 1.5hrs) or go ‘a la carte’.  The menu offers all you could wish for from a joint like this; you can have your chicken Rotisserie, Crispy  (boneless thigh and breast were insanely good) Buttermilk or even Pulled (plus a cheese options for the veggies out there)… then choose your base, sauce and maybe a side (or 2). The chicken skin gravy and the maple chilli sauces mixed to together was wickedly gross and good at the same time!

The giant Crack & Cheese is big fried ball of calories, I loved it but nothing was quite as good as my Buttermilk crispy goodness – so if you need to pick your carb v fatty battles, then I know who I’d let win.

Here are a few snaps of just how much we ate…

delicious london ma plucker

delicious london ma plucker

delicious london ma plucker

delicious london ma plucker

delicious london ma plucker

The frozen margarita was STRONG and the straw that broke the camels back (or my stomach), so with a bulging belly and a fast arriving food coma setting in…. we ventured back out to the big chill and Soho to Christmas ‘window shop’…

Thanks Ma Plucker… we’ll be back with friends, family and an elastic waist band.

Lauren x

See more details for Ma Plucker:

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