We popped into Barrio Soho to try their brand new Mexican-centric food menu and delicious re-vitalised cocktails. Following an exciting refurb, Barrio Central has re-launched as Barrio Soho…. with a new chef on board.

Barrio Soho Bar Delicious London Review

Barrio Soho Refurbishment Delicious London Review

As we found our table, Latin music seeped in our souls and lifted our mood….. we knew that it was going to be a long night – on a weekday. Ouch!

Their new menu, exclusively designed by recently appointed group head chef Ernesto Pavio, includes everything from seductive snacks to yummy tacos and filling sharing platters. We chowed down on macha glazed chicken wings (spicy Mexican fried chicken wings tossed in sweet and spicy sauce), calamari served with spicy chipotle chilli mayo, sweet patato fries, nacho chilli gonzales and a refreshing glass of Argento Pinot Grigio. Even though we were feeling quite full, we couldn’t resist to MFC chicken taco, which was our favourite – buttermilk marinated fried chicken, Mexican slaw, sour cream and macha sauce.

Barrio Soho Delicious London Review

Barrio Soho Delicious London Review Tacos

We tried four of their cocktails – rather classic Mojito and Capirinha followed by their number one cocktail Rumshackle (Santa Teresa rum joined by orange curaca, orgeat, pineapple & lime) and The Hoodrat aka drinkgasm (Stoli vodka, red pepper, chilli, vanilla & apple).
Barrio Soho The Hoodrat Delicious London Review

Barrio Soho is an ideal detour for post-work drinks and yummy Mexican food, if not a little dangerous during the week!  It really puts you into a P.A.R.T.Y mood!

Check Out: Barrio Shoreditch are going to be hosting London School of Samba’s Carnival Song Competition on Tuesday 15th. Barrio will be filled with Carnival themed celebrations as London School of Samba will put on a fabulous performance with their talented dancers and live band just after the competition. Why not to put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away!

If you love to experience new, secret and exciting ways to devour the city, contact the Lick London team and ask for an Edible Entertainer… x

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