Valentines – less cutsie and fluffy fuss and more oral pleasure for us (foods, obvs….).

Meet our top 10 aphrodisiac foods for you to cook, share and be inspired by this Valentines Day.

  1. Durian Fruit, for those with acquired taste in all things delicious and mind-blowing. Don’t be put off by its pungent smell it’s rich with Tryptophan and known to give you that loved up feeling! Be daring darlings, and you will be rewarded…

    Durian Fruit - Image from

    Durian Fruit – Image from

  2. Raw Cacao/Chocolate – the food of Gods! Rich in Tryptophan and Anandamide – also known as the happiness molecule and heart opener. We suggest preparing a succulent hot chocolate for you and your loved one to have before dinner.( I am nibbling on a little cheeky nib, right now….)

    Cacao Beans - Image from Wild Food

    Cacao Beans – Image from Wild Food

  3. Vanilla – goes perfectly and harmoniously with chocolate why not create a dessert with natural vanilla paste or try some organic vanilla oils for the bath, bed and beyond!

    Vanilla Pods - Image from

    Vanilla Pods – Image from

  4. Chillies – invigorating and fiereeey; they increase blood circulation and definitely bring you to the present moment! Why not serve them fresh or dry on the dinner table for you both to try and play.

    Chili - Image from

    Chili – Image from

  5. Asparagus – fresh exquisite flavours full or vitality and energy, lightly marinated them in good olive oil, lemon and salt for a few hours or gently steam them and serve with truffle paste, salt and pepper. Perfect!

    Asparagus - Image from

    Asparagus – Image from

  6. Artichoke – They speak of sensuality and love with a sophisticated taste, these delightful flower buds are an instant favourite. Note: Asparagus and Artichokes are not the best plates friends, so we recommend using them in separate courses.

    Artichoke - Image from

    Artichoke – Image from

  7. Maca – one of the best foods to balance our hormones which results in healthy emotions and a healthy mind. It also does wonders for men and women’s libido so on Valentines night add a generous dosage of 2 teaspoons per person in your dessert or smoothie.

    Maca - Images from

    Maca – Images from

  8. Avocado – Creamy, silky, smooth, light and fluffy – there’re many things that make avocado a top sensual food. Use it to make a mind-blowing guacamole with artichoke hearts or go in a completely different direction and mix it in with some dates, raw cacao, be pollen and maca for a very potent dessert mousse.

    Avocado - Image from

    Avocado – Image from

  9. Ginseng – an invigorating root known for its longevity properties. Incorporate it into your main dish to keep both you and your beloveds energy levels alive, awake and playful all night long.

    Ginseng - Image from

    Ginseng – Image from

  10. Bee Pollen – What can be more sensual and delightful than sharing sexual offerings of the flowers? Use be pollen in smoothies, mix in with avocado and chocolate or just savor it on its own.

    Bee Pollen Dessert - Image from

    Bee Pollen Dessert – Image from

Or, if cooking is really not your thing and the idea of prepping and serving any of these ingredients is a major turn off – don’t fret! We can sort you out with a top chef, discreet butler, or even a box of prepped dishes ready for you to heat and serve. Contact us at

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