London is mad for it! We’re exhibiting addict behaviour for cake!  Throwing parties as an excuse to get the cake out! Birthday Cakes, Christmas Cakes, Baby Shower Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Friyay Cakes, you name it, let’s cake it!  And, no acceptable dinner party is complete without the host mischievously presenting some decadent fancy for guests salivate over. Dare we say it… is cake the new coke?

With bakeries designing even more scrumptious, more delicious, more creative ways for us to indulge, we just can’t resist and we don’t think you should either. We’re obsessed, we go nod off at night looking at pictures of cakes on Instagram, we dream of their fluffiness and then get to work and talk about them (while sometimes eating them)…then we try to push them on you for your events and parties. Twisted but true!

Below are some of our favourite cake porn and ‘cakspo’ (cakspo is cake inspiration for anyone over 35 – me in a few months  eek!) Instagram accounts to follow. Fill your eyes and face with heady bliss of pure cake worship.

1. @skcakery

Based in Cobham, Surrey and winner of the Hummingbird Bakery competition this baker hand paints decoration on her cakes and cupcakes for beautiful bespoke one-off pieces.


2.  @earthandsugar

This artistic and dessert studio is based in Palm Beach, Florida. Their creations blend vintage and modern aesthetic elements to create charming effects.
Earth and Sugar 2

3. @cocomayalondon

London’s finest artisan bakery, that gives you that ‘kid in a sweet shop’ feeling. One for me, one for you, another one for me…cocomaya2

4. @choccywoccyshop

Choccywoccydodah is the most amazing chocolate shop, originally based in Brighton it has now opened a shop in London! With an insane cake offering, they completely hand craft these masterpieces out of chocolate.

5. @cakeoperaco

Cakes made for royalty, these beautifully designed cakes bring elegance, tradition and style. Created by cake artist Alexandria Pellegrino based in Toronto.


6. @therealdebbiedoescakes

Debbie Goard from North America is a cake wizard! She can make cake look like anything and its incredible how life like they look from chicken wings to cartoon characters I don’t think there’s a challenge too big that she couldn’t handle

7. @fayecahillcakedesign

Faye Cahill from Sydney loves to tailor a design to reflect individuals personality and event styling. Creating some unique and beautiful weddings cakes using intricate frosting and decorating techniques and metallic colours.


8. @lovelyfrancesca

Based in East London this mum of two is a home baker creating amazing sugary magic, that will have you dreaming cake! I hope your birthday is soon
lovely francesca 2

9. @rawcakesbyjoa

Joa is from Seinäjoki, Finland and produces healthy cakes! Made from completely natural and raw ingredients these cakes aren’t baked to keep nutrients and enzymes preserved for wonderful health benefits – so you can eat as much as you want without the guilt!

10. @LilyVanilli

Plus never forgetting the lovely Lily Vanilli – who’s cakes we practically enjoy via drip feed!

delicious london cake

If you need any help with a bespoke cake creation for your event or party, please contact one of our Edible Entertainers at Lick London to find out more.

We do more than cake loving….Need help planning your cake AND your wedding? Don’t hesitate to contact The Delicious Team – at  Delicious London or Delicious Barcelona. With our wide knowledge of outstanding venues and caterers, we will plan your wedding exactly the way you imagined it….maybe even better!

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