We love a great big juicy burger!  Let’s have an extra big ‘woo’ in celebration of National Burger Day on 27th August! What better excuse to get some bap-love! This year, why not venture out of your comfort zone and try these awesome and unusual ‘burger’ delights that London has to offer.

1. Waffle Burger

Waffle Burger

For those with a sweet tooth why not try this amazing creation! The Waffle Burger perfectly combines the savoury taste of boneless Chicken Thigh with the sweetness of mouth-watering waffles complete with thick cut back, American cheese, crispy shallots, Canadian maple syrup and classic hot sauce! The burger from Shoreditch based restaurant Bird, will sure to have your mouth salivating!

2. Charcoal Burger

Charcoal Burger

This masterpiece from Bull in a China Shop, is created by 2 different processes to create a pretty special dish. Firstly the burger meat is marinated in squid ink, balsamic vinegar and ketchup then the iconic Charcoal buns are created using crushed Bamboo charcoal and mixed into the flour. They have perfected this process and now boast as one of most delicious, albeit slightly odd-looking burger in the capital!

3.  Lockjaw Burger

Lockjaw Burger (Custom)

Grillstock Smokehouse present the Lockjaw Burger for those that truly love meat, meat and more meat! It’s stacked high with 2 beef burgers, pulled pork, beef brisket, American cheese, house pickles and their gold nuggets of joy that are burnt ends! This burger will sure to leave your meat cravings satisfied.

4. Ramen Katsu Burger

Ramen Katsu BurgerWhy not try this Far Eastern Dish from Wawa, London Bridge. Instead of the common bun they have opted for something different – and instead makes use of 2 ramen noodle nests grilled in sesame seed oil which become firm enough to hold a succulent beef burger and crisp salad between. An amazing burger with a difference!

5. Glam Burger

Glam Burger

For the millionaires out there that want to indulge on a burger than we can present to you the most expensive burger – all yours for only £1,100! The Burger itself consists of Canadian Lobster, Kobe Beef, Black Truffle Brie, Iranian Saffron, Beluga Caviar and a Hickory Smoked Duck Egg covered in edible gold leaf. Created by head chef Chris Large at Chelsea’s Honky Tonk, it truly looks like a piece of art that is delightful, delectable and delicious!

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