Had an epic night and now feeling the aftermath?  Poor you! Check out our Top 10 Post Party Tips, that are rather extraordinary!

1. Hangover Cure Supplies!

Delicious London Meat

The Ultimate Hangover Cure

Are you planning a heavy night out? Do, be prepared by ordering this bundle to help cure your naughty meaty cravings for the morning after. Boxes contain 6 eggs, 6 rashers of bacon, 4 Sausages, a tin of Baked Beans, Black or White Pudding and a jar of Bloody Mary Ketchup, sounds like an awesome idea! To order yours now Click here!

2. Task Rabbit App

Do you have loads of chores to do but you’re too hungover to peel yourself from your bed, well why not download Task Rabbit! Post anything from making a cup of tea, to doing the washing up and someone will come and do it for you for a small fee, so there’s no need to stress you just nurse that hangover! Click here to download now!

3. Oxygen Bar

Delicious London Oxygen Bar

Breathe 95% enriched Oxygen!

Cure your hangover at Harvey Nichols or Selfridges at their Oxygen Bars, breathing 95% enriched Oxygen will help to clear your head and energise you for the day ahead – why waste a day when you can be out exploring or planning your next party! These bars are also popping up at festivals so keep an eye out!

4. The Sleep Concierge

Had too many Espresso Martinis? Finding it difficult to sleep? Well The Sleep Concierge at The Montcalm Hotel, Shoreditch is here to ensure you have a good nights sleep after a heavy night, offering a pillow menu, bedtime snacks, herbal drinks and relaxing music. A good nights sleep will help to release any hangover! Plan your stay here.

5. Luxury Fry Up

Delicious London The Wolseley

Luxury Breakfast at The Wolseley

A large greasy fry up is always needed after after a night out whether its to cure your hangover or just to find out what happened last night! So why not treat yourself to a luxury breakfast at The Wolseley, Piccadilly, offering everything from a mixed basket of pastries to a Full English as well as some unusual breakfast dishes.

6. Panchakarma Cleanse

Delicious London Massage

Treat Yourself!

Go on treat yourself to a 5-21 day Panchakarma Cleanse Retreat in Nottingham or Lincolnshire, where your body will be cleansed from all bad toxins leaving you feeling refreshed and energised. The cleanse includes sweat therapy and purges, massages, a personalised diet with cookery classes and yoga. What more could you want! To find out more click here.

7. Oh Mary!

Delicious London Bloody Mary

Bottoms Up!

Maybe an old wives tale but why not try a traditional hangover cure! A Bloody Mary may not have magical powers but it will aid your recovery, while the vodka acts as a power buzz and provides relief from headaches the high salt and vegetable content help retain water and replace any residing alcohol molecules. Head down to Hawksmoor or Balthazar (Covent Garden) for a beautifully bold Bloody Mary!

8. Cinema and Spa in one? Yes Please!

We all love to watch a Disney classic when we’re hungover lying on the sofa well why not relax in a spa instead! Lindner Hotel & Alpentherme in Switzerland have created such a luxury, let the bubbles surround you and relax your muscles whilst you are entertained with a film – Perfect, let’s just charter that Private Jet….

9. Doctor’s Note

Are you supposed to be at work but you’re feeling far too hungover to cope? Download Doctor’s Note App, punch in your ‘symptoms’ and a doctor will call into your work or school to let them know that you are unfit to work for the day – or longer. Genius!

10. Talk to Happy

Is no-one listening or understanding how terrible you feel the day after the night before?  Talk to Happy the goldfish about all your troubles at The Happy Guest Lodge in Cheshire where you can hire a goldfish to have in your room for just £5 for your entire stay.

But why not start your night right with Medicinal Mixology as a preventative measure:

Delicious London Drinks

Method Mixology at Behind this Wall, Oval Space

Behind this Wall at Oval Space, Bethnal Green this summer have teamed up with small-batch, refined distillers and producers to create classic cocktails without artificial additives and unnecessary sugars which have been proven (?) to not give you a hangover – let’s drink to good health!

If you would like our assistance planning an event, we would be delighted to hear from you. To see more about our services please visit our website: Delicious London

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