Parties, events, holidays and dining out can all deliver a glorious sense of escapism. Parties and events we do, we live and breathe them, holidays…not so much.

So, in lieu of a proper holiday and to get some much needed downtime, dining out comes in to play, as I par-take in something called an ”Eatscape”.  Every few weeks a conscious decision is made to get lost in the wondrous environment of a carefully considered restaurant concept or pop up, with our phones off (or at least on vibrate), appetite whet and a willingness to get taken on a culinary journey….

Here are some of my favourite ways to escape and literally devour some culinary culture whilst rebooting the batteries (until that next big beach holiday happens).

1. Tetsu. The smallest most authentic, Japanese sushi counter I’ve experienced. Calm yourself in the ritual of it all.


2. Spring. If I could design my own personal heaven, this is it. Ethereal epicurean bliss.


3. Apulia. A vibrant southern Italian in the hustle of Farringdon. Go full Mediterranean: eat Burrata, watch the waiters and drink Lemoncello.


4. Casse-Croute. No time to get to Paris? Ce n’est pas un problème, with this Bistro in Bermondsey.


5. Flotsam & Jetsam A darling Antipodean style cafe where the eggs are folded and the rye is homemade.


I love to explore the culinary landscape of London but you knew that already : )

If you’d like our help with planning edible itineraries, edible experiences or events. Please email me and the team via

Happy Sunday x

Lauren Wyllie

CEO ( Chief  Eating Officer)

Images taken from each listings website. We have personally been to each location but our photos we just not as good.

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