Did everyone get engaged over the festive break? It certainly felt like that, with big shiny rocks being paraded on Facebook and Instagram (not jealous, honest!). If your like us, now have to buy a departments store worth of wedding gifts, for all the up coming nuptials, then you might find some of these gift suggestions fortuitous!

All available via our Emporium now:

Was there ever an occasion that deserved a bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose more?  Once all the confetti has settled, the duo with thank you for this bottle of pop!

wedding gift edit - Laurent Perrier Rose

Newly weds are sure to be entertaining regularly with all the other ‘marrieds’ so help them do it in style with this slick ice bucket.

Wedding Gift Ice bucket - The eateasy

Adorable Mugtails (we use them for candle holders as table adornment) make for a precious gift for those with a new home to dress. Buy in multiples with some scented tea lights to keep the romantic ambience alive across that dining table.

wedding edit - mugtails

And the next morning, when those freshly espoused are in need of any cuppa, they can delight in drinking brewed infusions with this walnut teaball.

wedding gift edit - teaball

A healthy couple is a happy couple!! Do your bit to keep them in the best of health with this colour pop Bugatti juicer.

wedding gift edit - juicer

You can shop all this gift ideas by clicking on the images or directly from the Emporium now.

We are constantly searching for exciting and stylish products to help you stay ahead of the trends from our affiliate partners, listed in our Emporium:

We are Delicious London. If you would like our assistance planning your events in your home, office or in an unexpected location, we would be delighted to hear from you. We work with private chefs and creative catering services to produce only the most stylish of edible experiences.  This is what we do and what we love! To see more about our services please visit our website: Delicious London

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