Little Tips for Festive Entertatining

As we move (at tremendous speed) towards Christmas and all the fun it brings, we proffer some festive tips to help make your entertaining endeavours, deliciously enchanting and the toast of the town!



The Planning

It sounds so simple but you’d be amazed how wrong we have seen it go! Create festive fantasy with this simple tip…Pick a key feature, concept or colour and tailor the rest of the event design around that. This will help when picking drinks, food, props and even guests! We like to create a mood board on Pinterest when organising an event. Check ours out here for Christmas 2014 drink, food, and tableware inspiration!

The Summons

How would you like to be invited to a party? Exactly – do unto others and all that jazz…Make your invitations to your guests memorable and ditch Facebook invites!! Let’s bring back the carrier pigeon, failing that Royal Mail will do nicely. It might take more time but we have no doubt you will have better RSVP and reaction to the old-fashioned postal invite!

The Ambience

Welcome guests into the warm belly of your party. Create a setting that welcomes and delights. Do everyone a favour with some flattering candlelight. Why not kill Turtle Doves with one stone and make those candles scented. We have this scented fire candle by Tom Dixon on our wish list.

The Music

We all know how this can make or break a party! If the party is big enough and you can – get a DJ! If not, please put some effort into a killer playlist…if you do not have time to create a playlist then we suggest checking out My Party Mix, a company that offers a bespoke playlist creation service, based on your requirements. Job done! Phew.

The Feature

Get creative and use food/ drink to embellish your entertaining space and make it more interactive. How about a decadently decked out drinks trolley with a simple ‘how to make’ menu for people to concoct their very own festive cocktails.

The Conversation Starter

If you’re hosting a soirée this season and feel like the guests might need a little nudge to start chatting with each other, do be a good host, lubricate guests well and provide enchanting surprise and talking points. We are currently coveting the Fortnum and Mason Table Bomb for a flash of fun and/ or place these cocktail pastilles by Smith & Sinclair in prime view with a cheeky warning about eating responsibly (6%vol)!

delicious london entertaining tips 2

The Drinks

Quick pet peeve: Just because it’s cold outside does not mean that champagne and white wine need not be suitably chilled, and cocktails still require ice unless they are served warm!!

The Food

A simple and easy way to palate pleasure, serve eats and drinks that compliment each other (unless you are specifically looking to shake things up). Think about flavours; try serving a very seasonal quince Bellini’s with an outrageous cheese board or mulled wine to wash down a hog roast. Add a twist by serving your food and drinks in interesting crockery and glassware. Check out our Emporium for the most current items that will stylishly complete your dining table.

The Fun

Games are a fun way to lighten the mood at a party and get guests mingling. BUT timing is key! Start the games too early and it maybe be a little awkward, too late and the tipsy will more than likely break something!

The Selfie Less Extraordinary

In the ‘selfie’ generation photos get lost in the abyss of someones’ phones photo album. Providing a Polaroid camera for guests to take photos on and stick (with (we love) paper tape) on a designated wall throughout the night is a more inclusive way to keep everyone in the loop. These snaps  will also act as a fun memento from your merrymaking.

We are Delicious London. If you would like our assistance planning your events in your home, office or in an unexpected location, we would be delighted to hear from you. We work with private chefs and creative catering services to produce only the most stylish of edible experiences.  This is what we do and what we love! To see more about our services please visit our website: Delicious London.

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