It’s most certainly winter out there and with that brisk thought we believe it’s time to turn our attention to the table; to entertaining at home (on occasion) and to feeling warmed and enchanted by our environment.


Below is a selection of hero products to revamp your entertaining style. Or to peruse our wider Winter Edit from our Emporium, click here.

Pick 1: Stove to table is totally acceptable with this gorgeous Le Creuset pot. Soups and stews are on the menu this winter.

DELICIOUS LONDON WINTER EDITPick 2: Winter nights make us crave red wine. Let yours breath and show it of with this simple decanter.

Wine decanter emporium winter edit 3

Pick 3: Let this Tom Dixon Fire Candle pleasure your senses, as the flickers set the scene and scent the space.


The emporium tom dixon candle

You can shop these key finds by clicking on the images or directly from the Emporium now.

We are constantly searching for exciting and stylish products to help you stay ahead of the trends from our affiliate partners, listed in our Emporium:

We are Delicious London. If you would like our assistance planning your events in your home, office or in an unexpected location, we would be delighted to hear from you. We work with private chefs and creative catering services to produce only the most stylish of edible experiences.  This is what we do and what we love! To see more about our services please visit our website: Delicious London

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