A Tiny Morsel of Madrid

A mammoth part of event planning is finding ‘the’ incredible destination/s for clients’ events. As Delicious London is so focused of unique events with palate pleasing appeal, potential destinations simply have to entice with the added splendour of a captivating cuisine-ary landscape. This leaves us with the envious task of often having to travel and taste. I know, it’s a horrendous job…

So here is a super swift impression of our brief but illuminating jaunt to Madrid, which we instantly fell in a hungry love for. Those Madrileños sure love to live well, eating and drinking late into the night.

See a quick picture-tale of our time in Madrid below:

Hotel Me gave us a great central base to check out venues for events, the roof terrace offers a great space for summer events. Look at this stunning building, right on Plaza Santa Ana.

Hotel Me Madrid

At every glance around our super central neighbourhood from Hotel Me, on the idyllic Plaza Santa Ana, there is an overwhelming array of restaurants, eateries, tapas bars, cafes, cockailerias… so how do you pick where to eat. Well we went with local recommendations, some flicks through Lonely Planet Madrid/ Wallpaper Madrid and also decided that as we had a short time in the city proximity and convenience was key.

So first to La Fragua de Vulcano. A proper full favour tapas joint, 2 seconds from the hotel! Eye catching from the outside and oozing character inside. Exactly what we wanted for our first food foray on arrival. Generous portions, our 4 plates where more than enough!

A Fragua de Vulcano

After checking out some more event spaces that afternoon we headed out for dinner at the infamous Mercado de San Miguel, just next to Plaza Major. Relaxed, counter hoping and tapas grazing at it’s best. Grab a glass of Cava at one stand and take it over to your preferred food counter for your next hit.

Mercado San Miguel Tapas

Mercado San Miguel Tapas

The next day with bellies still full we squeezed in a trip to the Reina Sofia Centre of Art to absorb some incredible culture, history and found some outstanding inspiration in the surrealism exhibition. We felt very privileged to see such masterpieces and favourites from Miro, Dali and Picasso. What we would do for Dali’s Lobster!!

Dali's Lobster

The day only got better as we stopped for a quick picnic in Madrid’s Retiro Park with a  Bocadillo de Calamares – a Madrid delicacy! This was an absolute must to try on our trip. It was heaven, crispy calamari, lemon mayo in a crusty bun. Major guilt but totally worth it! El Brillante bar is near the Museum and close to the park. Grab a ‘boci’ to go….

Calamares Bocadillo

Believe it not we managed to fit in another meal before we left at a local eatery called La Mucca. It was a recommendation but we also decided on this as it had salads on the menu!!  Greens and crunch cravings had begun after such indulgence over the past few days! Great food, service and atmosphere. We see why La Mucca is a local staple.

La Mucca

We did a quick dip into the super cool area of Malasaña, where small streets are lined with make-do bars but we had to leave too early, clearly before it had really got going yet….but our beds and an early start where calling.

There are so many more places on our hit list for next time and if you have any recommendations we’ love to hear them (La Gabinotecta for unique tapas takes & Nasti if we have a late night – we are coming for you next time).

Coming soon, our adventures from Istanbul….

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