A sincere, speedy and thankful welcome to Florence Mosshart, who joins us as an events intern, during an exceptionally busy season! She’ll be thrown right in at the deep end, helping the team on events in London and Barcelona…. Best of luck Florence!!

delicious london intern florence

Loves: Yoga, horse riding, rooftop pools, live music and tour bus fridges. She is (in her words) ‘obsessed with sushi and avocados’! She is also apparently addicted to coffee…..(probably for the best…she’ll need it!).

Hates: Camping, queuing, gin (in that order), along with poor grammar, bad table manners, iphone battery life, milk, and txt language!

Welcome Flo – After reading that eclectic mix of likes and dislikes, we think you will fit right in with us lot!

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