Come rain or shine (preferably shine) certain drinks need a right good chilling before being served. Host like a pro and for goodness sake use an ice bucket or trough (for multiple drink chillage).

No dashing back and forth to the kitchen: Simply add ample ice and a dribble of water; dunk in your whites, roses, beers and champagnes. Then be the host that hangs out with your guests rather than that type of  frantic nutter who is always running around like a headless chicken – cos that certainly ain’t cool!

Our ‘Pick of the Pails’ are up on the Emporium now…

We are constantly searching for exciting and stylish products to help you stay ahead of the trends. Our top 5 ice buckets/ chillers/ toughs from our affiliate partners are in our Emporium: www.deliciouslondon.co.uk/emporium

We are Delicious London. If you would like our assistance planning your events in your home, office or in an unexpected location, we would be delighted to hear from you. We work with private chefs and creative catering services to produce only the most stylish of edible experiences.  This is what we do and what we love! To see more about our services please visit our website: Delicious London


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