If you are anything like us, you can’t wait for the sun to pop out! One reason for our sun related elation means it’s ice-cream eating season, bring on the brain freeze at any or all of our meltable medley below.

We have put our blood sugar levels at great risk all in the name of research; whether you like it traditional or swirling in nitrogen fumes… London hosts many a top ice cream alchemist. We believe in our hearts… there is an ice cream parlour out there for everyone:



GELATORINO: The traditional atmosphere made these classic ice creams seem irresistible. As soon as you enter you are hit with sweet smells and abrupt but warm Italian welcome . The mix of nougat and milk in a cone was the perfect combination to understand what Gelatorino do best: Classic flavours made with Italian passion, traditional and half a tea spoon of pizzaz!

CHIN CHIN LABS: Make your gastronomic ice cream to order, right in front of your eyes in billowing clouds of Liquid Nitrogen. This novel and modern way of making ice cream is sure to wows oldies and babes alike.  Liquid nitrogen is always entertaining, especially when it involves ice cream!

SCOOP: Natural luxury gelatos selected by origin to truly taste the difference between the cocoas and coffee beans from around the world. Flavours range cocoa from Ecuador, Marsala wine from Sicily, hazelnut nougat from Piedmont, vanilla from Madagascar and French Polynesia, cinnamon from Sri Lanka. The only problem is how to decide what not to have?! Prepare for some ummming and ahhhing at the counter.

RUBY VIOLET: Uber trendy ice cream parlour in North London that is worth a chilly pit stop. They have changing specials that will wow and delight, think –  toasted coconut made by cracking, peeling, grating, toasting and soaking in milk and cream for two days, straining then churning. There are also cakes, sundaes and more…

AMORINO: One of the highest quality ice cream in London made as naturally as possible with no artificial colours or flavourings. Each new flavour starts with the most rigorous choice of sourced ingredients, and who can say no to rose shaped ice creams? Not us!

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