There are clear correlations between fashion and food.  Seasons dictate change and stimulate new styles and ‘de rigueur’ ways to entertain. We love how this keeps things fresh and exciting for all our senses and for the guests’ experience.

First things first, we are updating our cook book line up; for spring we want beautiful books that look just as good on the coffee table as they do covered in mess in the kitchen (the mess might only be us). We want to be inspired with tantalising saliva inducing imagery, delighting the senses, urging us to go forth a throw all sorts of deliciousness at our guests.

We find infinite inspiration from chefs and writers that influence our ideas when creating bespoke events for clients and unique concepts to entertain guests.  Here are a couple of the books we are currently coveting and/or serving as stimulation on various projects:

1. The Flavour Thesaurus  – Get the best from seasonal produce by knowing how to combine flavours intelligently, surprise and delight with unique and unexpected pairings. Also a great gift for gastronauts! (Plus it is a beautiful book).

he Delicious London Eateasy Blog - Cook Books

2. How I cook – By the legendary Skye Gyngell, the culinary queen of simple, seasonal sensationalism. Think fresh, elegant  recipes for all occasions from an award winning chef.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1844008509/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=1844008509&linkCode=as2&tag=deliclondo-21">How I Cook</a><img src=

3. Kitchen & Co – With a 100 recipes, perfect for entertaining, this book is split into seasonal sections with some adventurous ingredients and taste combos.  These are tried and tested, personal recipes from the supper club duo and bloggers, The Salad Club. They were so successful with their sell out supper club, they took up a unit at Brixton Village and have continued to feed many a happy hipster.

the delicious london eateasy blog - cook books

4. FOOD DIY– Tim Hayward the entrepreneur, journo and foodster shows us how to get stuck in with food. From Smoking and butchering, to sausage fashioning. This is bare bones gastronomy in visually impact-packed book. Excellent illustrations and captivating from cover to cover. Now we want a shed…

the delicious london easteasy blog - cook books

5. Jerusalem – Anything Ottolenghi does it for us really. Instant visions of colourful displays or fresh ingredients in his delis always comes to mind. This is food to bring people together, to share, to give thanks.  Soul-food.

the delicious london eateasy blog - cook book

So these are our top cook book ideas to get you into the spring, swing of things! We’d love to see any photos you might have of dishes created from these books or of your spring-time entertaining. Tweet us @deliciouslondon!

If you’d like to purchase these books, you can click on the image and it will take you to the correct Amazon page.

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