We have researched, read, nibbled, sipped, spied and then devised our 2014 trend menu. Serving you only the most relevant of food trends and edible entertaining fashions.

Like most trend reports, nothing is certain, we have no crystal ball (just a crystal bowl) but one thing is clear, 2014 is set to be the year of polar extremes.

2014 hosts the fight between elegant simplicity and in your face, all-encompassing th’eat’rical experiences but you don’t have to pick one or the other,  we believe there is a time and place for everything.



Low key, short to no stem


Brightly coloured, eclectic, cut crystal


 Nordic minimal, stone, earthenware


Ultra patterned, textured, lively


Experiences and Entertaining

Simple, pure, stripped back


More than you could have ever imagined. Super immersive and manipulated – think scented airs, emotive sound tracks and deconstructed then reconstructed dishes

Styling and Table Dressing

Re-purposed props

Clean, white, lace


Vibrant, prints, sweet pastels



Hybrid, Mash ups, fusion


Modest wholesome


More gins! Spiced, sloe, infused

Vermouths, white port (all good for making gin based cocktails)

Expect to see vegetable tea making an appearance  – depending on where you frequent and Chinese wines going mainstream


Conscious – seasonal, rainbow, foraged, responsible & British

Cold pressed everything

Foods high in Polyphenols e.g. Blood oranges, broccoli, dark choc, and matcha tea….

Sugar is the current enemy

Eggs in everything, for every meal

Flexitarianism – Sporadic meat and fish consumption, it’s all the rage – apparently

Out with plain old butter, in with whipped butters, smoked butters, seasoned butters, infused oils, dry herb dips – Sumac and Za’atar (grind your own spices and mixes with our favourite spice grinder from Tom Dixon. Currently sold out but they are getting more stock at the end of the month


Claridge’s. Rogan. Anticipation


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