We have a wonderful team of talented and passionate people working together to bring you up to date info,  inspiration and offers for your events and entertaining  pleasure.

Introducing  the lovely ‘Portuguese Picky Eater’ Debora Casacas. Debora is one of our freelance Event Managers and Blog contributors on The Delicious London EatEasy Blog.


She has experience in restaurant management and staffing; she is a front of house Queen! Her gentle manner and forward thinking are always a hit with clients. She is our’ go to girl’ for what’s hot in the healthy eating frontier and our in-house photographer of all things edible.

Hates: Over Complicated Dishes, Cheese, Meat, Fatty Foods, Laziness, Dirty Places and Bad Service.
Loves: Super-Strong Knock Your Socks-off Coffee, Expensive Champagne, Dark Chocolate, Fish, Spices and is Obsessed with Bread!
Catchphrase: Do This, Do That (with a very endearing accent).

Next week we’ll be introducing Princess Lea….watch this space.

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