We have been chatting (drinking) with the Queen of Gin, Jo from the lovely Gin Garden, learning about the blissful botanicals, getting the lowdown on the Gin Garden and developing a rather wonderful intoxicating treat and offer for you.

The Gin Garden began because as much as Jo and her friends loved visiting gardens, parks and the great outdoors in general – what they really loved to do is visit those places and drink Gin at the same time. Liking these people already? We thought so.


Now after the conception of The Gin Garden, you too can take advantage of just such an experience, as it pops up in unexpected places, serving drinks made with the very best and most local ingredients possible. They also hold gin tasting, talks, tours and all manner of Gin related events. And even though Jo loves a good garden, they can set up indoors too – they just bring a garden inside with them. Why not pop along and visit them at the RHS Spring Fair late (26th march 6pm-9pm), see the indoor bar and garden complete with real lawn and blossom trees.


We work closely with Jo and The Gin Garden and if you’d like more details on event hire or collaboration please let us know. We’d be happy to help.


In the meantime get in on the Gin action at home, The Gin Garden’s recommends this ‘Winter Warmer’. There might be a hint of blue in the sky at the present but the temperatures are still low, so let’s warm up with a little Gin based bevvie. Lift your spirits, reach for that bottle of Gin and prepare yourself and/or guests with this bespoke Gin cocktail drink, best served by a roaring fire and did you know that warming gin brings out the aromatics of the botanicals? Add just a little sweet and spice and you have the older, more sophisticated sister of a health giving herbal tea. (The Gin Garden served this hot toddy at their Christmas pop-up cafe at Clifton, it’s surprising how early people will drink Gin if served with a tea and honey pot!)

Super easy and simple recipe:

  • Brew up a small teapot of Chai tea, infusing the tea for 3-4 minutes (they used the fabulous ‘The Rare Tea Co’s Chai tea)
  • Pour tea over a shot of gin in a warmed tea-cup
  • Add honey to taste (If you are suffering from a cold, use Manuka honey its antiseptic qualities with help sooth your throat whilst the gin and spices warm your chest)
  • Garnish and stir with a cinnamon stick

Entertaining: We love Jo, her team and their travelling Gin Garden. We think their bar set up could make a delightful addition to various events from outdoor picnic, tastings, and networking. We have seen that the Gin Garden works for both private and corporate clients.

DL Offer: Book the Gin Garden through Delicious London and you will qualify for an exclusive and complimentary ‘Mini Martini Making Masterclass’ pre event (choose up to 10 guests/ clients to join in the pre party – gin fun). Offer valid for events in 2013, subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply, available on request. / 0203 280 3675 / Please mention this article when you call.

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