Definitely, this is not the first or the last time we will talk about our ‘amore’ for Idris Elba (actor – Stringer Bell from The Wire, just one of many roles) and the same goes for our love of a good DJ; they who have the ability to rock our worlds with their skilled tune picking and ability to gauge the crowd– so imagine our over excitement when we heard our guilty pleasures were going to be combined into one almighty pleasing performance  – Idris is confirmed to be playing at the rather en vogue Love and Liquor Club. This is one celeb’ collaboration we are jumping on the band wagon for. Read on below for details and your chance to enter our Love and Liquor competition.


Idris Elba Presents 7 Wallace: 8pm to 3am  Love & Liquor every Friday from 25th Jan – 15th of March, in association with Tanqueray Gin.

Love and Liquor is already set to be one of those stand out venues, laughing in the face of other clubs from its rather brave positioning on Kilburn High Street. Launched late last year, as an urban late-night cocktail bar and club inspired by the Williamsburg cocktail lounges of New York¹s Brooklyn and already frequented by the likes of Tinie Tempah, Will-i-am and Rita Ora, with stripped back, warehouse-style décor – think brick and caging with classic 1920’s cocktails.


Keeping hot on heat of their initial success, they have now come out with one almighty collaboration with the rather charming and talented Idris Elba presenting his own night (swoon and sigh). This collab’ has legs though – it’s not just another vacuous celebrity endorsement. He may be best known as a world-renowned Golden Globe winning actor (The Wire, Luther, major movies and host of How clubbing Changed The World) but his roots dig deep in club culture and music.


Hackney-born Idris started DJ’ing at 14 years old and had his own pirate radio show in the early 90’s, then kicked up two of the coolest NY joints; Madame X and Ludlow building. He wasn’t famous then; it was just about his beats. Taking UK & US House, Garage and mixing it with hip-hop, he created a scene that pulled an underground crowd and the biggest hip-hop heroes of the time. Having released his first EP Big Man in 2006 he went on to co-produce the intro to Jay-Z’s American Gangster and his second EP High Class Problems Vol. 1 dropped in 2010. Bet you didn’t know all of that about him! More recently he’s been in the studio, writing, rapping, producing, he opened DJ’ing for Deadma5 in the US, Usher @ Ushuaia this summer and most recently played with & David Guetta at an exclusive party.

‘Driis’ (apparently, you gotta have a DJ name), will be at L& L for 7 nights, 7 weeks, 7 Fridays, introducing his latest project, 7 Wallace. It aims to bring together his love of throwing a great party, inviting his friends and DJs he’s down with to spin and party alongside him. (If you are wondering why 7 Wallace? It’s the party place he played at after-hours with friends)


Entertaining: This is an energetic, fun, urban and wrinkle free crowd from our experience.  Book a table in the VIP if you’re celebrating or like to have a little of your own space. We say book dinner at Paradise, have a few drinks up the road at The Shop then and move on to Love & Liquor to dance the night away.

Competition: Win a table with 2 free bottles of house champagne for between 10-15 guests, on a Friday in February.

Question: Which Gin Brand has sponsored 7 Wallace at Love & Liquor?

Answers: Email you answer, names, email and phone number by 6pm on the 23rd Of January 2013 to 

Subject to availability. The winner will be contact via email. Terms and Conditions apply

Idris Elba Presents 7 Wallace: 8pm to 3am. Friday 25th January- Friday 15th March. To apply for tickets, visit:

Love & Liquor/ 34 Kilburn High Road, London, NW6 5UA. / 020 8969 0098

Open Fridays 8pm-2am and Saturdays 8pm-3am


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