We say ‘about time, hello and welcome’ to The Southsider Cocktail Bar on Battersea Rise. We took a perch at the bar, watched the alchemy of an experimental bartender and enjoyed some quality cocktails.

From the outside it certainly gains passer’s intrigue with its sauna style frontage, the small slit window that begs for you to peer in and see what shenanigans are occurring inside at this new neighbourhood hang-out.  One can enjoy a menu of innovative cocktails, that have all be created in-house, using top notch ingredients – with a few homemade infusions. This bar offers its discerning clientele cosy booths, exposed brick (yes, more brick walls!) and graphics from one of London’s leading underground street artist while making homage to the art of New York drinking, creating a welcoming and comfortable bar space to settle into and get experimenting (with the drinks. This little bar is from the same guys behind 64th & Social in Clapham High Street.


There is a wicked back bar of bottles and booze, varied glassware from cut crystal to beer tankards, along with creative bar snacklettes for the peckish, along with an interesting selection of props and garnishes for the drinks. It could potentially be seen as a little gimmicky but all these details act to engage the customer and lure them into further enjoy quality bevies, made by bar tenders that have a passion and fair for their role as drink educators. It’s at very least a break against the bland on Northcote Road and Clapham Junction area.

bar 2

With a team of bartenders always pushing the boundaries to create something different, you can see why they have won so many awards between them. Southsider Cocktail Club cocktails feel quality and value for money with concoctions on offer from £7.50 to £9.50

bar 3

Menu:  Bespoke created cocktail list to suit most tastes and is updated every few months. Expect drinks like Credence Coconut Water (gin, coconut water, lavender & nettle cordial) or the South Cider (Acai Berry, coriander seeds, gooseberry jam, lemon vodka and Chardonnay preserved with a touch of citric acid). We say try: Grandma Sloane’s Tea Time Tipple – Vanilla Rose Pouchong (black tea) steeped Sloane’s gin, Rose syrup, Lemon Juice, Regan’s Orange . Bitters. Atomized Violette liqueur. Served in Grans favourite bone china with a vanilla macaroon, you won’t find them anywhere else.

This is a local bar with central London standards, think Callooh Callay or The London Cocktail Club – but now south of the river! So get your sip on at The Southsider Cocktails Club.

Entertaining:  Go for local cocktails that show you know about quality with clients if you’re in the ‘hood on a Thursday and with friends on the weekend when the crowd is a little more party minded. Book the shiny wet look booth at the back and more importantly – next to the bar for groups. Open till 1am Friday and Saturday – but with a  members only policy after a certain time on the weekends.  Sign up for free membership and you can get 10% off all drinks (at both bar)  and on your birthday you get  a free bottle of Prosecco.

bar 4

www.thesouthsidercocktailclub.co.uk/ info@thesouthsidercocktailclub.com / 020 7223 4217

56 Battersea Rise, London, SW11 1EG

Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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