Burger Mania Continues….

There seems to be no sign of slowing this burger train as BRBG.CO takes prime position on Wardour Street, Soho. This joint has all the elements to make a successful eatery, cool enough for the media madding crowd, quality enough for the real burger heads and accommodating enough for almost everyone.

Burger-Mania, where to start? Well, there was an obvious shift with Byron opening up on every street corner, offering a decent enough menu but the novelty wore off for many with the risk of being splattered with milkshakes and wayward fries as children ran riot and seemed to run the roost. Hache also struck while the griddle was hot and popped up in choice locations (all beginning with the letter C kids! – Chelsea, Camden and Clapham). Not forgetting MeatLiquor, MeatWagon and the soon coming MeatMission … which have all added to the current meat craze.

The fashionable -lization of street food has also encouraged the Burger break out with Patty&Bun and BOOM burger (BOOM are hosting the Kitchen at The PingTron Pop Up in Notting Hill, Thursday 13th&20th Dec) getting lots of foodie props, and the nature of the street food beast means reasonably priced and an easy to move operation so you can enjoy burgerlicious bites at many an event and fair. Burgers are never fair from sight.

BGBR.CO does a great job at finding a balance between food and atmosphere with a menu that is well thought out and offers something for everyone with the obligatory Mac n Cheese that is gracing most burger/ diner style menus these days. The Burgers all sound tempting with a real focus on what lies between those buns being flavoursome and quality, saying that the bun was the lightest brioche bun I think I have ever had the pleasure to snaffle.

Burger- Mania at BRGR.CO

Our waiter Mark (Hello Mark…) took us through the menu and burger options with knowledge and ease, offering well-informed suggestions and recommendations. I went for the Butchers choice burger, it was a comforting, melty soft meaty pleasure ride of a burger (Lettuce, tomato and onion served on the on the side, so you can build your burger as you wish, choice of toppings and sauces – LOVED the Black Pepper goo), Cheese and Truffle fries – I am a truffle fiend, so these were right up my street.


The Burger Boys!

The food was tasty, the service slick, this is pure burger bliss that we’ll be devouring again.

Client Entertaining: This is a simple informal restaurant with a focus on good produce and easy service. If you are having an eating meeting or informal dinner then this place is a sure bet ( as long as you don’t mind smelling a little of burgers all evening – the open kitchen means that charcoal grill smell does waft through the restaurant). I wouldn’t call this a destination restaurant where you will wow a new and important client. Instead head there with some friends/ meat heads and comfort eat until your heart’s content.

The fifty-cover restaurant will be open from 12pm – 11pm daily.

They operate a no – bookings policy. Take -away available.

187 Wardour Street/ London / W1F 8ZB

T: 0207 7348 750




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