We absolutely recommend that when in South Kensington, one should enjoy an Aperol Spritz at Apero under the Ampersand Hotel….it’s well worth it. On trend menu, style and small plates; this appetizing eatery is about the most food cool (next to the French School) as you’ll get in the area.

Genuinely pleased to embrace Apero with open arms and hungry lips to the South Ken scene. This is a perfect subterranean pit stop, spitting distance to the tube for after work drinks and bites while being chic enough to be a destination dining spot. Descend the stairs from the blustering winter’s winds and be met by the restaurants open window service pass temping you in with divine smells and small plates of Modern Mediterranean treats. The location has a few areas to choose from, there is the glamorous but understated pre dinner bar, move further into the belly of the venue and you’re met with comfy teal banquettes, asmaller curtained of booth and not forgetting the Private Dining Room for secretive celebrations in style.

The on-trend sharing style eating at Apero is fun and sociable with an array of dishes; it’s easy to choose from the menu: it’s varied and appetizing with the focus of fresh produce and quality favours. Dished include: Serrano Ham Mikados, warming and friendly Gnocchi with Rainbow Chard and Smoked Scamorza and meatier plates including a juicy Pork Cutlet with Fennel and Honey. There were certainly no issues with picking plates that appealed to the all the table and the Manager Joseph was on hand to answer knowledgably and charismatically any questions about the heavily French influenced wine list and what dishes might work best together.

Apero Gnocchi - Warm, Soft and Comforting

When it comes to the style and substance – think Polpo Meets Cecconis. The small plates, element exposed light bulbs and dusty brick walls of the Da Polpo ilk, then the tarnished silver serving accoutrement, hints of glamorous gold and sumptuous seating of Ceceoni’s. Apero manages to sit right in the middle of cool, comfort and luxury without feeling for a moment that it’s under or part of a hotel (unless you use the bathrooms – through part of the hotel).

Bar area at Apero

Client entertaining: Absolutely. A skilful pick for pre-dinner/ Albert Hall events drinks, for dinner in the smaller booth with the heavy curtain and for private dining. Not too formal but slick enough to show that you know!

The Bill: Around £35-40 pp inc wine

Apero at The Ampersand Hotel,
10 Harrington Road,
London, SW7 3ER

6.30am to 10.30am Monday to Friday, 7am to 11am Saturday and Sunday

Full Menu:
Midday to 2.30pm Monday to Friday, 6pm to 10.30pm Monday to Sunday

Midday to 2.30pm Saturday and Sunday

Bar Menu:
Midday to Midnight Monday to Thursday, Midday to 11pm Sunday
Midday to 1am Friday and Saturday

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