This delightful local Bistro from top Brit chef and restaurateur Adam Byatt, (with head chef Karl Goward bringing his experience from St John & Soho House NY) has really gone to town on the details for a local boutique eatery in Abbeville Road, Clapham. We are certainly not complaining – last night was probably one of the most enjoyable restaurant experiences I have had in quite some time.

I adore it when a locale exceeds expectations. Let the journey begin – As you enter there is a large (ish) chef manned bar top counter proffering style small plates and a balanced wine list. The hospitality starts at the door, there was a warm greeting and lucky enough a table came up almost immediately. The menus are presented in old school book jotters (love!) and a very helpful member of their team talked us through the menu and suggested we might like a small plate or two while we were deciding – I think she could tell from the start that I was going to be doing a little bit of menu dissecting. For me, when I can’t decide what to order because I like so many things on the menu and the dishes are seasonal and interesting (Fish of Day, Homemade Pies, Toad in the Hole), I have an inkling that what is about to happen is likely to make me happy.

Our dishes – Pheasant and Mushroom Pie and Steak where both a delight to eat, at first poke of my pie I did get the fear slightly that it was going to be dry and monotonous but I was thankfully wrong and it was warming, juicy and comforting just as you would like on a chilly winters eve. My guests’ Steak was succulent and tasty – we were happy. Next was desert, a chocolately glutinous pleasure – then came the fudge and fresh mint tea served large rustic and a tiny bit rusty tea pot was gorgeous and the retro striped paper bag under the fudge was a great touch.

Client Entertaining: Can’t imagine there would be much call for a client dinner in Abbeville Nappy Valley but if ever the requirement arose this is certainly somewhere I could have working lunch or meeting. Actually I would make up meeting as an excuse to go back… sharpish!

The overall impression: From start to finish, you believe this restaurant cares about what they are doing. The attention to detail and quality show a clear passion and professionalism for what they are offering. I know where I want to spend my hard earned dollar. Good value. £45 pp ish, with wine.

Bistro Bliss – Sign me up to this Union!

Bistro Union/ 40 Abbeville Road, Clapham, SW4 9NG



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