Tea-time with a delightful difference. Have you experienced the Bubble tea craze yet? Well even if you have dabbled, have you tried it Martini style?  Some fun and forward thinking from the team at Tapasia in Soho, delivers us an intoxicating alternative.

Tapasia is the newest offering from the sushi masters behind Tsunami (Venn Street – Clapham & Charlotte Street – Fitzrovia). This new bambino on Old Compton Street has been open about half a year now and honesty has received mixed reviews in the past which, seem to be steadily improving. Wisely they seem to have taken on board the feedback from patrons and made the appropriate changes, veering back toward what they are good at ….darn good sushi and cocktails.

We are always on the lookout for what is new, slightly strange and might be fun from a client entertaining or events productions stance; catering, foodie trends and event styles change like the wind, so stumbling up on something that looked as fun to drink and (caught people’s attention) as a Bubble t-ni sparked our interest.

There are two distinct types of Bubble teas normally available, 1. being a milk tea and 2. a fruit tea both with flavoured tapioca pearls or popping Boba balls at the bottom of the drink to give colour, flavour and texture. Both are re –embodied at Tapasia in their various Bubble t-ni  (Bubble–tini) cocktail options: Chocolate, Mocca, Coconut and Passion Fruit (the latter being my absolute favourite). There is most definitely a novelty factor about the drink and the actual cocktails are made with skill, care and quality ingredients.

The Bubble t-ni is a great option of you fancy something a little bit fun and unusual. Our recommendation would be to have one of these little treats to get the party started (a definite conversation starter) or as an after dinner alternative to a dessert but do leave space to try some other Tapasia cocktails. Kester (bar manager) made us ‘ummmm’ and ‘ahhh’ while drinking in an array of silky smooth and scrumptious house cocktails – we loved the Pink Pokémon with fresh kumquats and the Pineapple Mojito with Thai basil was divine.

Client entertaining: There is a small and intimate restaurant upstairs, we would say more suited to couples/friends dining  and downstairs on the ground floor you can find a very usable boothed area in the back that can be booked out for small groups and casual dining with the added advantage of being near the bar!

If you are Bubble tea curious and want to find more facts and flavours in the more traditional sense, then visit the  Bubbleology site, they have been most kinds to explain it all for us and if you’d like to try Bubble Tea – there are lots of dinky places around Soho or we went tea tasting at the Bubbleology in Harvey Nichols …..That should tickle the spot.

Competition time: First email response with the correct answer to lauren@deliciouslondon.co.uk will receive 2 free Bubble t-ni cocktails at Tapasia (T’s & C’s apply).

Question: What street in Soho can you find Tapasia?  Details on how to claim the prize will be sent to the lucky winner.

Tapasia/ tapasia.co.uk / 020 7287 0213

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