EDIBLE ENTERTAINING: We are finding London a delight at the moment with an ever changing canvas of restaurants and pops ups to keep us busy….and a little chubby! Having an memorable experience through an edible encounter can be highly entertaining and great talking point.

Article taken from Delicious London October Newsletter 2012.

Today’s excitement is over: Kitchen Table (at the back of Bubble Dogs)

We are already known as massive fans of Bubbledogs but now there is another reason to head through those doors….and then through some very heavy curtain through to ‘Kitchen Table’ a gorgeous fully functioning open kitchen and bar top table that hugs the chefs in action.

This is a great stage for head chef James Knappett and team to create bespoke and ever changing menus, playing with the freshest ingredients their suppliers have to offer. The menus are only finalised on the day, after the deliveries, so dependant on what is available. The guests get to watch and interact with the chefs as the dishes are conceived right in front of their famished faces. I have only had a little chat with them about the offering to date but hope to be experiencing their delights very soon.

This exclusive dining experience will be available Tues to Sat, two sittings – 6.30 and 8pm. Direct contact details for bookings (when/where accepted): 020 7637 7770 and or contact us for exclusive hire details.

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